L’intervento regolatorio dell’ART in materia di affidamenti dei servizi di trasporto pubblico locale su strada e per ferrovia: analisi ex ante o ex post dell’impatto?

di Miriam Giorgio
Abstract - This work analyses a recent ART regulatory provision by Transports Authority (ART) completed with consultations and impact assessment (IA report). The analysis is carried out scrupulously and completely, aimed at supporting the final decision to discard the zero option for punctual regulatory measures. However, in hindsight, we are faced with a case of analysis which is based on real data and which is conducted on the effects of rules which were already applied. Therefore, this ART represents a useful opportunity for observation about the correct employment of IA methodologies. In fact, IA entails the absence of a previous regulation and the forecast of future effects. with contextual data processing and expected benefits.
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